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When the difference in closing the deal is a matter of Experience and Professionalism

The principals and staff of Arizona Escrow & Financial Corporation have been
meeting the escrow needs of the business community since 1976.
Primary Escrow Officers

D.E. Graham
President - 36 years
Helen Westbrook
Vice President - 33 years
Amy Boehnke

Senior Escrow Officer -16 years

We believe that expertise and experience are vitally important to our customers. Many times it is the escrow officer, drawing on years of experience, that can make the difference in closing or not closing a transaction. Our primary escrow officers, listed at right, have a combined total of over 85 years of real and personal property escrow experience, and are acknowledged experts in their fields.

We service the escrow needs of customers statewide, nationally and internationally. Our customer base includes, individuals, businesses, business and real estate brokers, law firms, commercial and SBA lenders, banks, major corporations, Indian Communities, State and Municipal government organizations and departments, internet entities and other parties requiring an experienced and professional escrow company.

Available Services
• Business Sales
• Personal Property Sales
• Combination Real Property & Business Sales
• Commercial Real Property Sales & Exchanges
• Holding
and Disbursement Escrows
• Source Code Escrows
• IPO Escrow Accounts
• Settlement and Litigation Escrows
• Viatical Accounts
• Construction Draw
• SBA and Commercial Lender Accounts
• Internet Sales and Exchange
• Most Transactions Requiring an Escrow
• Account Servicing
• UCC Lien and Judgement Searches
• Title Insurance